Boomer & Leopard


Mama’s letter to Booms

Dear Boomer,

Mama loves you very much. So much that she wants to give you the best home, where you get plenty of dog playtime, belly rubs and showered with love with a great, nurturing mama like Vicki.

Every night, you would cuddle next to mama and keep me warm, even on the rare San Diego cold nights.

You were with me with me for every transition.

From city to city.

From one love to another.

From mood to mood.

Your love was so unconditional.

During mama’s roughest times, you were cuddled next to me and reassured me that everything was going to be ok.

Mama loved the happy smiles you gave me and everyone else in the world. I’ll miss you a lot but know that you’ll share your unlimited happiness with others.

Mama is crying her tears of sadness to the departure, but it’s only temporary. I will see you everytime I come to San Jose.

This letter is to let you know how much I love you and will miss you.

I know you’re in great hands and you’ll be so happy.


Mama Vanae

Moving to a New Home

After two great years in San Diego and with Mama V, Boomer will be moving into his new home with Vicki and her dog partner, Mickey. Boomer is going to love up there back in the bay area and near Grandma Trang.

We’re prepping for his move this Thursday, when he’ll fly up to San Jose with Mama.

Don’t let this face fool you. Boomer is pretty sure this is gonna be a great move!

(Boomer Olympics with Victoria and Jason)

Thanksgiving with Matt & Vangi

I was completely spoiled with love for Thanksgiving holiday, when I stayed at Matt and Vangi! They watched over me, scratched behind my ear, explained to me about college football, relentlessly played fetch and gave me the yummiest treats. I think mom was spoiled too!

Here’s me chilling with Matt & sleeping. Man, that was the best place to take a nap 🙂


Boomer Goes Bondage

So Auntie Victoria thought it’d be cute to give Boomer a bondage leash, since he’s such a submissive.

New Purple Toy

I got a surprise in the mail from Uncle Matt & Aunti Vangi!

I don’t know what kind of treats are inside it, but I can smell it!

I love this toy!

My First Camping Trip – Big Sur

on the road to Big Sur…

getting dusty at the campgrounds.

I had such a great time with mommy, godfather fran, auntie alice, aunti joana and uncle alex! plus, i got to meet sammi (my godbrother) and tobi!!